Short Exclusive Interview with Puntland Presidential Candidate Professor Abdiweli Gaas

Radio Sahan Took time out to speak to former Somali Prime-Minister and Puntland Presidential Candidate Dr Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas.

Mr Gaas, gave an extraordinary insight into the vision he has for the State of Puntland.

Why are you running for the presidential office?

“ I have a lot to give back to Puntland, as this place is where my education background started from, this is where my people come from and that I have a duty to serve Puntland as its my home”.

Mr Gaas said he will use his exceptional economical knowledge to give an insight in how he would change the current climate these public service workers face.

When asked how he will solve the problem in terms of civil service workers not getting their monthly wages, if he will give a guarantee that this will change.

“I can assure you that the current climate Public civil service workers find them selves under does not lie lightly with me, however I can give a guarantee that this will not take place under my government, I can also emphasize that the money to pay these workers is there, however the government is choosing not to pay the worker, there has not been a downturn of income of more than 5% and there should be no reason why they should not pay the workers.’’


Q: How will you deal with the major problem of the youth from unemployment, lack of education to illegal migration (Tahriib.)..?

Gaas: “The youth require training, education that is of good standard as well as low job opportunities for young Puntlanders, what can you offer that would change the current climate they find themselves in the reason the youth of Puntland find themselves in this situation is because they have lost hope and that is an important element in why they go through these tough decisions, how ever we need to create opportunities such as the ones you outlined above, by creating jobs in industries we really on from outside sources, we have the skills within our state to do such a thing however it needs to come from the top and under a government which I will lead, I promise the people of Puntland that education and health is at the top of my list and without both nothing will succeed.’’

Dr Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas, is a candidate for the Presidential Post in the upcoming elections in Puntland. He is one of many candidates Radio Sahan will meet in before the elections. You will be able to listen to the full version of this interview soon.

By Meymuun Cabdirizaq and Mohamed Cabdullahi

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